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Radio Romania International live

Ascultă Radio Romania International live și bucurați-vă de toate programările
pe net, acest radio transmite din Bucureşti Rumania, aici veți asculta muzică r’n’b, pop, știri, hip-hop, top40 și multe altele. În Radioromania .live veți putea asculta gratuit toate posturile de radio din România. Transmisie a zilei 2022-05-25 12:22:55.

RRI este un pod cu români și macedoromâni din întreaga lume. În același timp, scopul RRI este de a construi o punte de informare între România, spațiul nostru geografic și publicul nostru străin din zonele țintă.

Informații de contact Radio Romania International

Direcţie: 60-62 General Berthelot Street, P.O. Box 111, Bucharest, ROMANIA Bucureşti, Rumania

Telefon: 0040.21.319.05.16

Site-ul web:




vești de ultimă oră din Radio Romania International live

2/2 The Lower Danube River Administration in Galati, ensuring navigability on Sulina Canal, says the situation is caused by the inability of the Danube ports, especially of the Ukrainian ones, to rapidly operate the ships docking there.

1/2 Romanian authorities have not found solutions for the ships waiting in the Black Sea even for 2 weeks to enter Sulina canal & reach the Danube ports to (un)load products. Since the beginning of May many ships have been stuck and some crews have been left without supplies.

2/2 In exceptional cases Romania keeps food, fuel, antibiotics & other in its warehouses or private ones. Recently goods were taken from the national reserve for Ukrainian #Refugees. The stocks are substantial but we diversified the products in stock, the Romanian official said.

1/2 Romania has no problems with state reserve's stocks of products, says the president of the National Administration of State Reserves and Special Issues, Georgian Pop. He said that strategic reserves would be increased in the context of #UkraineWar and a possible food crisis.

2/2Cyprus has to complete the Schengen evaluation process. It is the 1st time that the EU Commission presents such a report, following the Schengen Area Strategy in 2021. The report sets a list of priority actions for 2022-2023 to be addressed at both national and European levels

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